Monday, July 6, 2009

And so it began....

Who would have guessed that a painted red door surrounded by a gracefully old dark green cottage might have been the cause of this mess. What started as an artistic endeavour, to be viewed and enjoyed by many, was interpreted by another as an assault. An assault on his perceived position of superiority. Unwilling to share any longer what was once given to 3, he now wants for himself.

This journal is my way of dealing with the anger, the frustration and yes, the realization that though this fine old cottage might never change, the people who make this a great place to come and relax will be changed. Changed forever, and that's not what grandma and grandpa had in mind.

Your reading this because I have had a change of heart, it was never intended to be viewed by anyone, this was to be my therapy, my way of dealing with what one brother is doing to his sister. It's not fair and it's not right.

What ever happened to talking face to face anymore? Has the Internet and e mails taken away the need for that? Wouldn't you think that something as important as dissolving a joint partnership be discussed face to face? It makes sense I guess if your a decent compassionate person, and if your not, then I guess sending an e mail is the chicken shit way to go. Nice job asshole, show everyone just how compassionate you are towards your sister and your late sisters children. I bet your kids are proud of you, and your friends are impressed with your savoy way of dealing with this. And while your at it pat yourself on the back for a job well done. What you don't see is how despicable you are viewed as, how people are laughing behind your back, and you'll see soon enough.

Let the journey begin!

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