Monday, July 6, 2009

Be careful of what you say.

I have reluctantly not posted anything news worthy concerning the cottage of late because honestly, things had been going rather slowly. I filled that void with issues near and dear and some humor thrown in for the heck of it. That however will soon change.

This blog was started as a means to vent my frustration over what was happening to my mother and her interest in the cottage, and I have had to bite my tongue on more than one occasion because it was the right thing to do. Trust me; it has been frustrating to say the least, hearing of people who think they know what’s going on or think one party is not being fair to the other, or give their opinion and make comments that are far from factual.

To those I say be careful.

I reluctantly made this blog public, and encouraged you all to leave comments. If you disagree with what I am saying, tell me, if you agree with what I am saying, say so, or just post a friendly hello. Your comments are always welcome. But to make statements based upon false information is wrong.

There are a handful of people who know what’s going on, in time you all will know. So please be understanding of those who are the unwilling participants in this debacle, they did not bring this upon themselves, yet are faced with the unpleasantness of it all.

So let’s have great summer..…Go Lakeside, beat Cottage Grove…..!

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