Monday, July 6, 2009

He was before it before he was against it..

This whole ordeal has been strange from the begining and now has gotten stranger. Back in January the facilitator's meeting was cut short because someone had other plans. While the rest of us were prepared to spend what ever amount of time necessary to insure that if the cottage was going to be sold, it would be sold for a fair value and not stolen, someone had other plans. Then when we decided that the time line was vague and needed to be firmed up he had a hissy fit and forced us back into court. Of course the judge took three weeks to do what should have been done in a few minutes, not that we're complaining, and said back to the facilatator.

A second go around and we were prepared to bargin hard. If the cottage is to be sold, it will be on our schedule and not his. But wait, where was he, his attorney Saul was there, his attorney son was there, but not him. I had a feeling he would be a no show, he pulled the same stunt the month before in court. I knew that spineless piece of crap wouldn't show up. He was pissed that I was there for the first facilatator's meeting, I mean he was not a happy camper. He never looked at me, never looked at mother, nor did is attorney Saul. If I didnt know any better I would say he was intimidated. And that's a good thing because it means we are doing it the right way. And a little help from above can't hurt, thanks dad!

For four hours we went back and forth finally we had an agreement. During the proof reading of the draft we find out that those two ambulance chasers had to call their client who it seems was lounging in Florida, and sell him on what they had just agreed to. In the words of a frustrated facilatator, "he didnt like the time line" I think my first words were fuck him, and with that we walked out. Now here is the strange part, he wants this whole mess to be done and sold by June 1, 2007. The agreement we reached was for the appraisals to be done and a minumum bid price determined by June 1. The month of July would be for anyone from Lakeside or friends of Lakeside to look it over. If by the end of July there were no bidders then it would be listed by a realestate agent.

Now lets see why he wants this whole mess tied up and and gone by June 1, shall we. Could it be that his sister has the first session this summer, mid June to mid July? Oh come on, that was too easy. Could he be thinking that in the court of public opinion he is afraid that everyone will hate him? Pssst, hot off the press, most alread do! It's looking like it should be a great summer! I smell a big party with lots of out of state former Lakesiders there. Stay tuned.......

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