Monday, July 6, 2009

What would Ben say?

For as gentle a man as he was, he's gotta be pissed. Worse than a new 8X tippet with a freshly tied Royal Coachman snagged on a willow branch right over a deep hole during a caddis hatch.

I wish he were here right now to see what his son has done, this was not what he had envisioned, and for that I am truly saddened. I greatly admired my grandfather, he was such an inspiration, he was someone I could look up to in addition to my father. I still brag about his hunting and fishing exploits and hope that when I am 85 I can still throw a fly line or shoot a partridge from a moving car. Oh wait that's not legal is it? He told me it was it was so it must be!


I don't even want to imagine what my grandmother is thinking right now, she could be a real force to deal with and I have a feeling she ain't done with David yet, his day is coming.

Grandma and Grandpa, I am saddened by the actions of your son, as is a lot of other people. This grand old place will never be the same again, never. Regardless of the outcome the damage has been done, and sadly it cannot be rectified. She will be missed, but not forgotten.

I am hopeful that my mother can get one last time up there, she will be celebrating 80 years there this summer and it would be shame if that couldn't happen, time will tell, time will tell.......

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